From a Micro Finance Institution (NBFC-MFI) to a Small Finance Bank (SFB), it is a RBI licensed proud bank from Varanasi, having 400+ banking outlets with 22 lakh+ customers.
More than 20% of India’s population is still unbanked or financially excluded. Mr. Venkat Krishnan came to us with a vision of making banking services available in areas where there is minimal or no access to banking. Traditional way of opening an account in bank was tedious and a lot of complexity was involved in authentication of the account holder. He wanted us to build a system which requires less paper work/ human interference in opening an account.
What we Built
To automate the process of account creation in a shorter period of time, using minimum documents and with complete e-KYC verification, we built an Android application which can fulfill this. It is built in such a way that various account opening fields are auto filled into the form either by scanning ID and Address proof documents or by user’s biometric authentication using fingerprints.
Our biggest challenge was to capture and auto fill form fields and make the app user friendly. Another challenge was customer KYC verification.
To automate the process of account creation we have built an android application which supports biometric integration for customer authentication. In order to store customer’s data submitted by app we are using PHP APIs.

On Admin Panel, we have given Dashboard which has graphical representation for branch wise analysis of account creation. Authorized users have access to the application data and can verify documents submitted along with it.
Once the application form is approved, data is ready to be pushed into Core Banking System. With the help of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) we login to CBS and insert all approved applications from our database into bank’s database, and thus account is created without any human interference.
The Result
Every project leads us into an in-depth research and understanding of the problem at hand. Our documentation of unique solutions are here for you to learn from and understand the unique approaches we take to create long lasting solutions.
With the help of Android application and RPA, Utkarsh Small Finance Bank was able to lower their manual effort for data input and with minimum documents, account creation is done in less than 5 minutes, with complete KYC verification.
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